Building a home for LGBTI Human Right Defenders

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We are at a new stage in the purchase and renovation of the  SMUG Centre. Completing work with our Architect and the various government permitting offices - paying multiple fees – in January we were ready to work on the buildings.


The purpose of owning a Centre that includes offices, community & conference space as well as emergency shelter has been dramatically reinforced over the past year. As recently as Friday, May 17th – acting on orders from the Minister of Ethics & Integrity, police shutdown our event to celebrate International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia. Escalation of human rights violations and incidents of violence against the LBGTI+ community continue.


The SMUG Centre, while not immuned to oppressive acts, will be a much safer haven for the LGBTI community and their allies. It will provide a place for human rights defenders to meet and strategize. This is where networks can form, where education is available and where the oppressed can feel at home.  This is the purpose of the SMUG Centre.

Supporters have raised the funds to purchase the new Centre, now our next steps: complete the renovations, build additional security, furnish, and equip the Centre. We need your help - all donors will be listed on the SMUG Centre Hall of Fame:

  • Meet renovation fundraising goal                $ 45,000.00
  •  Increase security walls & gates                $  6,500.00
  • Security personnel  $ 5,500.00
  • Eco Rainwater Capture/Reuse System     $  2,500.00
  • Conference Rm - Project equipment          $    650.00
  • Conference Rm - tables & chairs                $ 2,200.00
  • Furnish Emergency Shelter Studio             $ 1,500.00
  • Expand IT Equipment                                   $ 3,250.00
  • Office equipment & furniture                     $ 5,350.00

Architec design for New SMUG Centre

Architec design for New SMUG Centre


 Donor supported purchase of property - SMUG Centre. - Completed work with Architect and various government permitting offices, paying multiple fees – Jan 2019 we were ready to work on the buildings.  May - Conference Centre the Offices - Move in July 2019 - We need your help to complete!

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